Thursday 25 July 2013


Did you know I entered a contest to win a job in Israel?  :-) The mere mention of it has probably invoked a small wave of nausea.   :-)  Well, in all somewhat seriousness, there are a seven companies offering jobs and one company, SodaStream ( has a Brand Manager position which is right up my alley.  So, I thought I would get to know the company as best as I can by visiting their Canadian headquarters right here in Winnipeg.  I went yesterday and met with the President and CEO of SodaStream Canada, Marta Mikita-Wilson.  Just FYI, and to simplify, SodaStream makes household soda makers with their own syrup and carbonation system. 

Honestly, it was much better than I thought.  I won't bore you with the geeky business details but here's what I found out:

1) They have virtually no competition whatsoever.  They are a totally unique product with literally no direct competitors of substance.  That is rare. Really rare.
2) They are growing at a phenomenal rate expanding into new geographic markets as well as crossing into new product territories that will only improve their business and better establish their brand.
3) Now, and this is where I could fit in, they seem to lagging just a bit on exploring the marketing frontier.  It seems like they could take the next step into true media ownership <GEEK ALERT- big terms coming!> leveraging all forces of media (Paid, Owned, Earned) to create and/or exploit opportunities to electrify the brand and truly make them a staple in every household.   If you like, I can post an example of this type of work.

Finally and really the most appealing - SodaStream is a better alternative to current canned and bottled sodas.  Why you ask with your eyebrow raised and wondering what kind of brainwashing I endured?  Well, it's pretty simple and intuitive.

1) Better for the environment - Imagine all the soda cans and bottles being manufactured, sold and thrown out every day.  SodaStream is a system where the bottles are permanent/reusable like any dishes you have.  You make your soda, put it in the bottle and when you're done, wash the bottle and start over.  Pretty simple.
2) Better for wallet - After the initial unit price (not bad around $100-$150) it's cheaper than other sodas and . . . .
3) It's better for you!  Unlike the highly caloric and toxic sodas out there, the SodaStream contains way less sugar, calories and carbs.  Check it out!

The "better product" factor is really what sets them apart for me and why I would love to work there more than any other reason.   Here's hoping!!

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Thank you Marta!